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Still wired? Reasons why you should go truly wireless.

Still wired? Reasons why you should go truly wireless.

This is the era of technological advancements moving from Laptops to iPads, Analogue Watch to a Fitband or smartwatch, and moving from wired accessories to wireless.

If you have not yet made the move, do it now. “But what’s wrong with my wired accessories, like earphones are so cool.” I will tell you what is better with Wireless Earbuds and how it makes your experience better and your choices smarter.

The first thing I will tell you about is the difference between ‘wireless’ and ‘true wireless’. Yes, they are different. True wireless is like on-their-own people who depend on no connections. Wireless is somewhat dependent on connections like over-the-ear wire or back-of-neck a.k.a neckband something.


Detangling Hassle Bye-Bye

How many times have you reached for your earphones and wasted about three-four minutes just detangling it? You are brilliant or lying if you say you never need to detangle them. Trust me when my phone buzzes for a video call or I have to watch a quick Instagram video with a room full of people or even with my parents around, I need my earpieces, and I need it fast. I cannot sit there detangling it till the phone disconnects because obviously it will not wait for my earphones or Instagram automatically scrolls up or refreshes. This is where True Wireless Earbuds help me as a savior. It is so quick and saves me from all the irritation of detangling.


Freedom from Wires

How many times have you went to the kitchen to get your snacks but you had your phone in one hand so you could get only limited stuff because your wired earphones would not allow you to leave your earphones while you still listen to your favorite beat playing. With Wireless Earbuds, you can just leave your phone on the table, continue listening to your music or series playing and get your full-stack of snacks in one go because your earbuds will be connected with Bluetooth to your phone making the experience so smooth, giving you FREEDOM! Also, freedom from constantly having your phone near you while you listen or having to feel that wire around your neck, itchy. You could even connect your wireless earphones with your Smart Television or laptop to watch a movie while not disturbing the people around you for sure.


Complementing You

It makes you look so cool and stylish just having two earbuds plugged that are bomb lasting your world inside and making you look so chill on the outside without having to make it obvious with those wires going around your neck, chest or wherever. Thanks to their wireless earbud-style, each in-ear fits in your ear seamlessly. The minimalist design makes sure that it goes with whatever you wear. It goes with your outfit because they hide in your ears, for girls or guys with long hair it's even better, nobody needs to know you have them in, just hide it and pretend to listen to someone talk whom you do not give a damn about. Isn’t that just great?


Anytime, Anywhere

Do you run or exercise? You should, if you do not. However, if you run or exercise you would know how difficult it is to do that with wired earphones. Like, it is obvious I need my music playing while I run- DA DA DING! but I cannot keep motivated if one earplug falls off because I am running too fast or my hand just tangles in the wire and pulls it off. Or when I am exercising, I need to lift my weights without having to feel my wire itching me on my neck. Wireless Earbuds are the solution for anytime anywhere. I am running freely without the wires interrupting me. Are you?

Having said that, I believe many of us love listening to music while taking a nap. This reminds me of a night when I fell asleep to some melodious songs and I woke up with the wire of earphones around my neck like it was trying to choke me while I was sleeping peacefully. That sounds dangerous! Doesn’t it? The True wireless earphones have just saved my life, quite literally.



I understand a lot of you would still say the wired earphones are just fine, they save my phone from falling when I slip it, of course. However, Wireless Earbuds are not exclusive, they are not asking you to break up with the oldie (wired earphones) to have wireless earbuds. They are fine if you want to have both and get the best of both worlds. There are times when you NEED wireless Earbuds like running, quick solution, or while having a good outfit look when you would not want wires to create a distraction or fumbling to detangle them. Yeah, they’ll save your phone at times but after causing some trouble, too.



True Wireless Earbuds have all-in-one built up. The mic, controls, and battery are built into the housing of those small earbuds. So, if you were wondering that you would not be able to make a conference call having wireless earbuds because there is no wire hence no mic, I just quoted that you can, that too roaming around freely helping your back from that chair you have been sitting on all day. As far as the battery goes, it depends on the brand you choose and Bluetooth range if offers, the battery life may vary, however, the earbuds come with a fancy charging-cum-storage case. You can get your customized cases as well and carry it easily as it is small while your earbuds charge. Also, one should keep up with the upcoming technology because that is invented to solve the obvious noticeable problems giving you high-quality sound and offering a higher radio transmission range. And the best part is that this package does not necessarily shoot up your budget. They are quite affordable and trendy.

I have made my points. I am going to buy a pair of True wireless earphones because it is not just an audio product but a multi-function gadget like I mentioned in the point above and it is surely going to solve a lot of my problems, thankfully! You should get it too.

I told you they are way cooler and offer greater convenience. Make smart choices!


by Charu Wahal

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