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Perks of having Bluetooth 5.0 based wireless earphones.

Perks of having Bluetooth 5.0 based wireless earphones.

With innovation on the spree, everything you look around has an advanced version in no time. That advanced version has better features, solves many of your existing problems, and makes life easier and simpler. Android releases an update in a period of time with some add-on, IOS does the same, smartphone companies launch new models which have innovations, earphones went wireless from those wired problematic ones and there are plenty of other examples around us.

Now, if we talk in-depth particularly about the wireless earphones, what is that one thing which is like the heart and breath of those earphones? Give it a thought.

Yes, you are right! It’s Bluetooth. When we are talking about technological advancements, Bluetooth is bound to get a mention as well because with time it has evolved too in order to meet the needs of people. It was introduced with a 1.0 specification back in the 90s which was good to go in its time but with time there were so many flaws and drawbacks noticed in it. It was improved to 2.0 specifications than to 3.0, 4.0, 4.2 and now finally we have got the latest version of Bluetooth which is 5.0.

Wireless earphones equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 have their own set of advantages. I would like to mention a few of them down here for your convenience.


High-resolution audio

The first advantage I believe is the most important matter of concern for the buyers of earphones because obviously, that’s its crucial feature for which we go ahead spending money on it. The older versions of earphones were equipped with Bluetooth 4.2v. It was good for some but for the others who seek perfection in their experience of music, it was not that successful. Earphones equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 have your back when it comes to getting a great experience of listening music or watching your favorite movies. Wondering how? That’s because they can detect and thereby prevent interference up to 2.4 GHz. If there’s no interference, the sound quality is bound to be clearer giving you an experience that’s worth you. There is an Active noise cancellation (ANC) feature as well which prevents you from getting disturbed by the surrounding noises while listening to something on your wireless earphones.


Extended wireless range

The wireless earphones for sure has no 'wire' as a solution to the long list of problems attached to wired ones. But it does not make much of a difference if your audio source and the earphones have to be so close that you anyway have to carry both the things while moving around. But guess what? Bluetooth 5.0 wireless speakers have solved this problem to a large extent. While the earlier version of Bluetooth up to a range of 10 meters only, which is like just 33 feet (almost equal to the length of your bedroom). Which in turn means that if you plan to go for a kitchen tour in the middle of the night to sneak in some snacks, you will have to your mobile phone as well if you want to continue listening to your favorite music. But like I mentioned, the new earphones equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 have a range that can extend to 300 meters(1000 feet, which will very well cover you’re your entire house). So, roam around freely with your phone in one corner of the house.


Less battery consumption

We are always worried about charging our devices because obviously Bluetooth and other features consume it like it is their favorite food. And now we have another chargeable device in our lives which is none other than the wireless earphones. But, while saying that technological innovations are a problem solver, I really mean it. Bluetooth 5.0 comes with another astounding feature! Which is low energy consumption, This will undoubtedly improve the battery life of your favorite wireless earphones enabling them to spend more time with you and less on their power banks. Sounds terrific, right?


More speed and throughput

Along with a wider range, Bluetooth 5.0 earphones also have doubled the speed of transferring data. Although a common man will not want to dig deep into this for your knowledge let me tell you that for earphones this speed is important for the high bitrate tracks. And let me remind you, all this happens while consuming lower energy thereby taking care that the battery of your earphones does not drain very quickly. The speed of data transfer is notably 2Mbps. It’s way faster, all the more reason to buy it? Isn’t it!


Connect it to multiple devices

This is an add on feature of the Bluetooth 5.0 equipped device. If you don’t know how it works, let me educate you. There is a feature coming in the smartphones these days (equipped with Bluetooth 5.0) in which you can connect your device with not 1 but more earphones and there is an option to control the volume separately for each one of them. Now isn’t that something? You and your friend can watch the same movie together with your own set of wireless earphones.

You must be wondering that an older version of Bluetooth supported earphones can also pair up with Bluetooth 5.0 device, then what is the advantage. The drawback in doing so is that you will not be able to enjoy ALL the benefits that are listed above. For example, if you connect a 4.2v Bluetooth earphones with 5.0v Bluetooth equipped smartphone, you will not be able to enjoy the experience of better sound quality, or maybe the wider range.

All the new devices like your smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, etc. are coming with this new version of Bluetooth. It is definitely the right choice to go for earphones which are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 in order to take advantage of the technological innovations being done for the customers. You are indeed going to love this feeling of enjoying the superior quality of sound. After all, technology is growing, shouldn’t we as well?

by Charu Wahal 

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