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Sound Signatures-an elementary feature of your buying choice.

Sound Signatures-an elementary feature of your buying choice.

All of us have a signature, right? Why is it so important to have a signature of your own? What does it reveal? Well, it reveals your identity. Something that is unique about you.

Similarly, if we talk about a pair of headphones, it too has a sound signature. While buying a music player or earphones, along with making a choice on the basis of its looks or technology, it is very important to ponder if you are buying your type of them in terms of sound signature as well. It is because it distinguishes the type of sound you listen to while putting them on. For example, certain headphones focus or amplify certain frequencies to produce a certain type of sound that will be different from some other pair of headphones. Some of you might like more bass while someone would prefer a treble sound. And that choice is as important as choosing the apt song according to your mood. So, in short, there is no perfect pair of earphones with the perfect sound signature, but it completely depends on your own preference and taste of music. But if you are confused about your choice of it, there are quizzes available online which can tell you exactly which sound signature suits your liking.

Is it that each and every headphone has its own sound signature just like humans? No, but it certainly has six types of different sound signatures.



It is also called as neutral Sound Signature. For some, it might sound mundane but for the others having a taste similar to this choose this sound signature over anything else. This audiophile network claims that the Flat sound signature has all the frequencies equal and the output of audio that we get in this signature sounds as natural as it could. This is exactly the reason why music professionals who are into creating and producing music prefer this so that they can hear the original frequencies as they were when recorded since this sound signature does not add any notes from its side. Therefore, these types of headphones are even called as reference or monitors. It is usually common among professionals and folks who like genres like jazz, blues, classical, folk, and even rock rule the roost.



This type of sound signature is also a Balanced sound signature. It is more like a Flat sound signature but it has an additional higher treble to make them sound more fun and interesting. It is this minor tweak that makes it different from the previous sound signature. It is called Balanced because the invention in this sound signature is that it balances all the frequencies, from low to high. If you are hearing music in these headphones you get to hear all the elements of a song very distinctly, be it the guitar or vocals. This sound signature adds life to almost all the genres which makes it a good choice for buyers who do not prefer a single type of music and want to go in for music according to their mood.



This sound signature is not very commonly used by the common music lovers. Many reasons back this decision. Firstly, it has a tricky nature. Secondly, it boosts the music frequencies which makes the sound treble. This is the primary reason why people do not prefer it because human ear is sensitive to such sharp sound and prolonged listening to it can affect your ears. It is majorly used by few audiophiles who want to pick out imperfections in a music recording. For the others it is not really even a tolerant, let aside having a good music experience. These types of earphones are considered as harsh by the majority. Some genres like jazz, classical, rock and folk might still sound interesting in this sound signature.



This sound signature is also quite popular worldwide. It has a correct boost on both lower and higher frequencies which makes it strike the right balanced between bass and treble with a reduced mid-range. The audio output that we get in these types of earphones is crisp, clear and load. The added benefit of a loud audio is that you get rid of the ambient sound, thereby having a very pleasant music experience that is both natural as well as enthralling. It is also referred to as U-shaped when the mid-range is not very obvious when heard. Bollywood lovers can go for this type undoubtedly. Even rock, hip-hop and pop sound amazing with these earphones.


Extra Bass

You guessed it right! This sound signature gives a phenomenon experience of bass which becomes the dominating frequency. It is loved by the young bees out there who want that extra thump in music. The punch in low end makes the higher frequencies disappear which makes the music sound warm. However, the disbalance it creates by emphasizing mostly on the lower end leads to deprivation of clarity in music. But if you are a party freak and love EDM, then this is what you are looking for.


Warm and Smooth

This sound signature, unlike the bright signature, soothes down the high treble and focuses a little on the bass. This all together makes it sound like a very comforting sound experience that rightly suggests the name, warm and smooth. As lovely as it sounds! It has a rich number of fanbase. The details it gives of all the frequencies are commendable which gives a reason to genres that focus on vocals or instruments like saxophone and cello to capitalize on this sound signature equipped audio system or headphones. Genres like rock, EDM, and jazz are much welcomed by these earphones.

Now that you know about each type of sound signatures, see which suits your taste and choose accordingly. You might be a cake lover, but do you like each and every flavor that is available in the market? Or do you make a choice according to your taste buds?

If the manufacturers are spending loads of money, innovating in various different types to create a thin line among each and every option that is available out there, it becomes a wise choice to make the correct arbitration!

By Charu Wahal

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