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Upskilling during lockdown?

Upskilling during lockdown?

The very unexpected community quarantine due to COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. This pandemic is a testament of how uncertain life is. To live in your own comfort zone is to delude yourself from this truth of life. When this year began, none of us had actually thought that life will take a toll on all of us and some of us will land isolated while the others will have to leave behind everything to just rush back to their families.

I hear people cribbing about how tiring their Work from Home life has become. While the others complain of sitting idle or just lazing around the whole day feeling a lack of purpose in their lives. Workforces are split and people have to work in ways they were not accustomed to which makes their job all the more arduous.

Some people have already subjugated this quarantine life by taking up challenges and improving on a certain set of skills. While the others are still finding motivation and waiting for their inner voice to show them a spark one day, and only then will they make this time productive. And there is another category of my friends who just stalk other people uploading stories on Instagram while working out, cooking, reading books or taking up any other hobby which they always wanted to have hands-on, and they just create an inner fight with those people like “why do you want to show off everything, I will never do this’’. And they not just avoid themselves from putting up stories but they also keep procrastinating and become the ‘typical’ category who promises oneself each day and then delays that promise to the next day.

This article is especially for people who are lacking motivation. I will talk about certain ways you can upskill yourself and there is a hidden point for you all which will at least make you feel good about yourself.


Workout- Just a trend or need of the hour?

This is by far the most popular pastime for people in lockdown. Many people do it passionately while the others are doing it just for the sake of peer pressure. But have you ever considered why has it become a trend especially now? After all, yoga and other exercises have always been important and it has been a part of many people’s lives since the beginning. Then why stress about it all of a sudden?
This is because after this pandemic is over, even after that our lives are not going to come back on track like it was before. We will have to live with the virus for a very long time and for that it is important to build up a strong immunity system.
Another very important reason for working out and keeping yourself fit is in order to secure a job! Surprised? Companies are soon going to add another parameter to their selection criterion. It is your HEALTH! While it is becoming a mandate for companies to provide healthcare benefits to its employees, management will definitely prefer people who are healthy than the others. It might sound derogatory at the moment, but it is going to become the truth of life.


Considered working on that one hobby you never had time for?

Since childhood, most of us have at least one hobby we had always dreamt of taking up as a career option or being famous for. For me, it is dancing. For you it can be something else like singing, cooking, reading books, cycling, playing guitar or any other instrument, etc. I had always dreamt of being a professional dancer but never got time and motivation to pursue it for reasons like studies, job or family.

Have we realized that this is the PERFECT time to live your dream again?

Even if you have work to do from home or you have to study for any upcoming exams, yet you are saving up on plenty of time that you took to travel, meet people outside, or party with your friends and family. Make use of that time now! Make a routine to manage all the tasks on hand and get, set, go! You are just lacking motivation and a routine to kick start and burn up the fuel you have stored inside for years.


Take up courses, better yourself professionally

There is a plethora of online courses on various websites. A lot of companies have already made it compulsory to take up one course or the other. But even if your company has not or you are still unemployed (studying or looking for a job), just go for it! It will definitely benefit you in terms of both knowledge as well to secure a job or promotion. Almost all the companies have a separate set of column during selection which asks for your skills or certifications. And trust me, these things count. It shows the zeal you carry to learn something apart from the prescribed syllabus. And it is bound to create a positive impression during your next interview. I suggest you to start with some basic skills like Communication, PowerPoint and Excel which are used in each and every sector, each and every job.


Sit back, relax and introspect

Now, you still might not be deluded with all the above points, then this one is for you! It is not a competition going on in which you have to participate or you are out of the game. Yes, there is no harm doing absolutely none of the above and just relax at this time. Remember, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude. Change how you see things. Look for the good in all situations. Take the lesson and then find new opportunities to grow only and only when you are comfortable doing so. Just let all the extra stress, worrying, and overthinking go. Cherish and enjoy life. Be appreciative. Only when we are truly open will we activate the curiosity and willingness to try new things.

‘’Your destiny is still being written’’.





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